Discussion on Free by Chris Anderson

The latest book of Chris Anderson is just out and it has already created interesting discusssions on the argument. Free: The Future of a Radical Price: The Economics of Abundance and Why Zero Pricing Is Changing the Face of Business.

The first news was about the use of quotes from Wikipedia not expressely cited by the author. Chris answered in his blog with the post Corrections in the digital editions of Free.

And then, the quite critic review from Malcolm Gladwell  in The New Yorker “Priced to sell“. And Chris’s answer Dear Malcolm: Why so threatened?. The Times magazine gives points to Malcolm in the debate between the two. But Seth Godin presents his opionion in the post Malcolm is wrong.

John Gapper of Financial Times, reviewed and discusses Free in his blog with Chris Anderson.  See An interactive review of Free by Chris Anderson, John has missed the essential point of Free, Some questions for Chris about “freemium”, Some industries are more Free than others.

A review of Free from BusinessWeek, Chris Anderson: Not Just Info Wants to Be Free.

Overall, interesting discussions as the book goes live. These discussions are healthy and very interesting to follow.  Chris has good points and he is describing something that it is already happening. From my side, I am waiting the book I have pre-ordered from Amazon, even though I have been reading Chris’s blog for quite a while and I have followed these topics for a few years already.

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