Various interesting books

On the intrepreneurship side, check the book of Guy Kawasaki The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything .

You can check his blog.

Phil Jackson, the famous coach from the Chicago Bulls,
Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons as a Hardwood Warrior

Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear, Frank I. Luntz.

Google in Location based services

With the new My Location service Google improves its Google Maps for mobile devices.

Google maps on mobile devices can use a GPS to locate you. However, the interesting thing of this new My Location service is that works even without GPS and it is still be able to determine your position.

As it is explained in Google Mobile Blog, My Location is a new beta technology from Google that uses cell tower identification to provide you with approximate location information, so it will work on phones without GPS.

Most probably Google uses the Cell ID, (the ID of the cell tower) to find your location. The location is found by having a database with Cell ID – location. The idea is not new since we had used this method in our previous work. But good to see that it is in a product now.

As a side note, Nokia also provides free maps and location services on your Nokia mobile devices but it only uses GPS. Some of the new Nokia┬┤s mobile phones have the GPS incorporated in the device. Otherwise, an external Bluetooth GPS costs more or less 40 euros.

Personality tests and organizational behaviour

Personality tests are used also in the context of the organizational behaviour discipline to better understand how individuals fit a certain culture or how, certain traits influence organizations and decision making.

Below the link to two personality tests.

The first is the MBTI personality type.
The MBTI is based on the personality type theories of the psychologist Carl Jung.

The second is the IPIP – Personality Test