Understanding the World 2010/2011

Some of the reports from international organizations that help us to understand better the world we live in.

  1. The World Development Report, The World Bank
  2. The World Trade Report, World Trade Organization, WTO
  3. International Trade Statistics, World Trade Organization, WTO
  4. The World Economic Outlook, International Monetary Fund, IMF
  5. Corruption Perceptions Indext (CPI), Transparency International
  6. The Human Development Report, United Nations Development Program
  7. The Global Competitiveness Report, the World Economic Forum
  8. Doing Business Reports, International Finance Corporations, The World Bank Group

The burning platform and the Nokia Microsoft deal

The Nokia Microsoft partnership is now in the news. A big reorganization with a lot of implications for the future of mobile devices.

A bit of background. The must read is the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s ‘Burning Platform’ Memo.

From there, the big announcement on February 11 on the Nokia Capital Markets day. From that link you can download the presentation and watch the videos on the new Nokia strategy.

Some  relevant articles in the press:

From these posts it should be possible to have an overview on what it is happening. There are different views both pro and cons this partnerships. Nokia was in a burning platform, it has decided to jump in the icy water.  Interesting times ahead and a case study for future classes of MBAs.