From smart phones to smart watches

From smart phones to smart watches, this is one of the trends we are seeing now. The OS used in smartphones can be extended to other appliances and devices, after all it is an ecosystem game.

  • Apple has just launched the iPod nano that can be used as smart watch
  • Mototola MotoACTV is a smart watch based on Android focused on fitness
  • Metawatch is a company that provides ¬†Android on a HW platform for smart watches
  • I’m watch provides an android smart watch, focused on fashion and design
  • Wimm offers Android on a HW platform, the app store is included

Certainly there are many other companies working on the same area, not included in the list above. Most of these smart watches are based on Android and some of them offer also an app store. The iPod nano does not run iOS and does not allow applications development, at the moment but I expect this will change. When are we going to see Windows Mobile smart watches?

The ecosystem battle goes beyond smartphones and we will see more and more appliances becoming smart and interconnected.