The Art of Invisibility – How To Protect Your Privacy

A new book by Kevin Mitnick is out, The Art of Invisibility. A good read on how to protect our information and privacy online.

I am going to list the tools and software mentioned on that the book:


Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker: is intended to enable law enforcement and government agencies to access iCloud accounts.

iBrute: a password-hacking mechanism specifically designed for acquiring iCloud credentials from just about anyone.

oclHashcat: a password cracking tool that leverages GPU for high speed cracking

John the Ripper: password cracker to see if your account has been compromised in the past

Password Safe: passwords manager

KeepPass: passwords manager





Orbot free Tor app from Google Play, iOS install the Onion browser

EFF HTTPS Everywhere

DuckDuckGo private search engine private search engine

Geo Location check:


Adblock Plus

https://panopticl check your browser signature

NoScript Firefox defense against third party tracking

ScriptBlock for Chrome

CanvasBlocker for Firefox

CanvasFingerPrintBlock for Chrome

Facebook Disconnect for Chrome

Facebook Privacy List for Adblock Plus for Firefox and Chrome CCleaner android/iOs/PC/Mac

Experian and Axiom: companies gathering info about us





Tor Messenger

Silent Phone



aircrack-ng: can reveal the authorized MAC address of currently connected users to a WiFi router.

Reaver: can crack a WPS-enabled router within several hours

Cryptowall: it encrypts your entire hard drive, locking you out of every file until you pay the attacker


Transmit app on Mac or Tunnelier on Windows




make sure the service includes PFS (perfect forward secrecy), that does not block Tor and does not log the connections




Tails and Tor

BitLocker Disk encryption in Windows

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Disk encryption

WinMagic disk encryption for Windows

FileVault 2 Apple disk encryption

VeryCrypt Disk encryption

SpiderOak encrypted cloud storage

Network monitoring: Pwn Pulse identifies femtocells and even IMSI catchers such as StingRay (TriggerFish, Wolfpack, Gossamer)


Keyboard Privacy Chrome browser plugin

KeySweeper Keylogger

Shodan IoT devices a USB condom which allows you to safely plug into any USB charger or computer

Tumblers services that take Bitcoin from a variety of sources and mix or tumble them together so that the resulting Bitcoin retains its value but carries traces of many owners.


Vanilla Visa and Vanilla MasterCard gift cards, in Europe bitcoin wallet site. Using Tor, you can setup an initial Bitcoin wallet. to create an email accout without any request to my verify the identity,  using Tor

Other links/apps not on the book but important to know

In Android I would recommend: Keeppass2Android (password manager), OpenKeyChain: Easy PGP (manage PGP keys), K-9 email (PGP encryption through OpenKeyChain), Orbot and Orfox (Tor tools).

VPN: Freedome by F-secure

Chrome Plugins: CryptUp (encrypt Gmail with PGP), Privacy Badger (to avoid tracking cookies)