Machine learning as a service

Machine learning is the ability to learn and make predictions using data. Data are the input and the output. A diverse set of skills set are required for manipulating large amount of data, defining the problem and the outcome, an understanding of the algorithms and an understanding of a lot of maths and statistics. Overall, machine learning is a complex task that requires advanced knowledge of different and complex subjects.

Fortunately a set of services are available that abstract the level of competencies required and they support data scientists and analysts in their tasks. At the end, what we really want is to make sense of our data and be able to make predictions about them.

The level of abstraction is important and allows the creation of more advanced services on top of machine learning cloud platforms.

Below a list of some of the most well known services in this space:

Amazon: Amazon Machine Learning – Predictive Analytics with AWS

Google Cloud Machine Learning

Microsoft: Azure Machine Learning

Watson Analytics: Guided and automated analytics from the cloud.

BigML: BigML: Machine Learning made easy

Ersatz: Hosted deep learning with GPUs

ForecastThis: automated predictive modeling solution