Nokia: “Irresistible” solutions combining devices and services will be a key to future success

here it is the latest message and press release from Nokia CEO, OPK, “Irresistible” solutions combining devices and services will be a key to future success “.

from the press release, the industry is converging:

Nokia is fundamentally changing its business model to transform both the company and the industry. While we continue to compete with the traditional mobile device manufacturers, we also are dealing with new competitors entering the market from the PC and Internet industries

Solutions, the combination of services with devices, is the Nokia’s strategy to increase customer retention and add value:

“To succeed in this new environment, we need to offer consumers irresistible solutions that improve their lives. During 2008, we have taken many steps to ensure we maintain our strong leading position in the device business, while increasing our focus on solutions-centric business models. We have focused our services investments on five primary categories: maps, music, messaging, media and games. These are the areas where the biggest opportunities lie.”

the concept of smartphone scales down from high-end to middle range devices:

“We believe that mobile computing should not be limited only to expensive, high-end devices. Expanding Symbian into lower price points is the right thing to do. We see this as a tremendous opportunity to increase efficiency, to get more scale for Symbian, and gain market share.”

Within digital convergence, partnerships and alliances are fundamental:

“We cannot expect to do it all alone. We have to work together with certain competitors, new players and partners in new ways. We have to compete and co-operate. We are working more closely with many other companies, including operators and partners. We expect more such partnerships to come.”

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