Research Interests

  • Software Architecture Analysis and Design. Special emphasis on large software intensive systems, software product family architectures and embedded real-time systems. Part of the performance tools I have developed are now used in Nokia Mobile Phones business unit  to profile and improve software performance.
  • Software architecture evaluations and assessment methods:
    • Scenario based assessments.
    • Experience based assessments.
    • Quantitative approaches to evaluate software performance and memory consumption.
    • Social Networks Analysis (investigation on the organizational and social aspects of software development and its impact on the software architecture)
  • Context awareness user-centric service architectures for mobile phone users (see the paper Creating next generation applications and services for mobile devices: challenges and opportunities, the book Enabling Technologies for Mobile Services: The MobiLife Book and the blog post Nokia Kamppi trial.)

Professional Activities

Memberships and Appointments

  • IEEE Member, ACM member


  • Reviewer for ISPASS 2005, IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software 
  • Reviewer for ICSM 2005,2006, IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance
  • Reviewer for WICSA 2005, Working IEEE / IFIP Conference on Software Architecture
  • Reviewer for OOPSLA 2006, ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
  • Reviewer for CSMR 2006, IEEE European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering
  • Reviewer and Program Commitee Member of ICSEA 2007, 2009, IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering Advances
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Systems and Software, Elsevier
  • Reviewer for the Superior Council of the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT), for the 2010 FONDECYT National Research Funding Competition. (FONDECYT is the Chilean government research funding agency created to foster and strengthen the development of basic scientific and technological research of excellence in all areas of knowledge.)
  • Reviewer for Springer, Software Quality Journal, 2010
  • Reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE), 2011

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