Genetics, the future and implications

A few links and a book to get an understanding of the power of genetics and its implications.

From Scientific American, Scientists Synthesize Bacteria with Smallest Genome Yet


Genomics entrepreneur Craig Venter has created a synthetic cell that contains the smallest genome of any known, independent organism. Functioning with 473 genes, the cell is a milestone in his team’s 20-year quest to reduce life to its bare essentials and, by extension, to design life from scratch.

Nature on the same topic:  ‘Minimal’ cell raises stakes in race to harness synthetic life

Nature: Governance: Learn from DIY biologists

Very good book on human GMO, GMO Sapiens: The Life-Changing Science of Designer Babies by Paul Knoepfler, his twitter handle @pknoepfler and blog

Inside the garage labs of DIY gene hackers, whose hobby may terrify you