Identifying opportunities in nonconsumers

When looking for disruptive innovation it is useful to target nonconsumers. Nonconsumers are people that due to certain contrainsts are not able to “consume”.

From the¬†Innovator’s Guide to Growth: Putting Disruptive Innovation to Work (Harvard Business School Press) we get the following suggestions.

There are four constraints on consumption:

skill-related contraints: People lack the requisite ability to “do it themselves.” ¬†Mapping the delivery chain of a product or service can highlight skill-related constraints.

wealth-related constraints: People can’t afford desirable solutions. A consumption pyramid can help identify wealth-related problems.

Access-related constraints: A barrier prevents consumption in convenient settings. Looking for “locked up” solutions or occasions where consumptions can’t occur can help unearth access-related constraints.

Time-related constraints: The complexity of existing solutions, or length of time required to use them makes the investments not worthwhile. Analyze customers who stopped consumptions can pinpoint time-related constraints.

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